Pumpkin time

Today is officially Autumn. This means that I can stop hiding my spice loving, pumpkin making, comfort food & drinks self.

I’m always ahead of the season. By the time October rolls around, I will have already moved on to Christmas. I love the winter time most of all, and least when there is snow. California and I had to go our separate ways, and this was one of my main reasons. I just couldn’t accept the false seasons of the Golden State.

This morning has me lost in thought. We have a lot of changes happening in our family right now. I upped my course load and the kids are growing like weeds. Brother Moose is outgrowing all of his clothes and shoes it seems. He just turned three but wears 4t. He’s always been a size ahead. Sister Moose is following in her brother’s footsteps and growing also, though she is much more pixie like.

I guess the most recent change is kind of big. Back in the Spring, I applied to a few egg donor agencies. I went to a meeting with one of the agencies in August, and yesterday I received an email stating that a couple is interested in a remote match with me. This means that they reside outside of my state. I don’t believe that “it’s” quite sunken in yet. The inside-the-box thought is “someone wants my eggs”. The bigger picture is that I get the change to help another couple create their own family. I’ve been incredibly blessed with my two children. They are smart, strong, and healthy. During my second pregnancy we decided that we were done having our own children (we are entertaining adoption as a strong possibility in the future) and after our daughter was born, I underwent a tubal ligation, so it’s not like I’m using these eggs anyways! Still, it’s a little surreal.

I’m positive that this next thought it absolutely ridiculous but… I can’t help but hope that by donating my eggs, I might hit menopause sooner.

Hey, a girl can hope.

I don’t care for white chocolate myself, but thought that someone else might like to try to recipe for this Pumpkin Spice Hot White Chocolate I found here. I’m going to be testing pumpkin recipes next week. Yesterday, I made the most amazing banana muffins ever – which is saying something because I don’t care for many banana foods. I avoid them like crazy, I even request my Jamba Juice smoothies without them. I’m a green banana girl, and once it turns the slightest bit yellow, it’s too ripe for me. The smell of peeled yellow bananas stings my nose. Does anyone else have that problem? Anyways, I read somewhere once that green bananas are higher in potassium and lower in sugars than their yellow counterparts. Here’s some quick information I found on the subject… *note, I don’t eat DARK green bananas.

On a final note: I’ve had the itch. No, not THAT itch. The one that nags at me, and stares back at me in the mirror, taunting me to get off my butt and exercise a little. The one that cruelly reminds me that I have a gym membership and I should use it. So, I’m going to browse active.com and find a running event to work up to. I started running this year, and did 3 events (one a month). My last one was a trail run in May. In June I started a temporary job and school, and kicked the running high to the curb for the summer. Futuristically, I hope to compete in marathons, specifically one in Hawaii, the Boston, and the Marine Corps Marathon. Realistically, I’m working my way up. 5k’s & 10k’s this year and half marathons next year. I guess I need to start by getting to the gym… tomorrow.


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